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Terrafibre™ weed mats are made from 100% Canadian hemp fibers that are needle punched into a biodegradable pulp backing.  These weed mats improve the growth and survival of a tree seedling by preventing weeds from germinating or growing, protecting seedlings from competitive weeds stealing light, nutrients, and moisture. The insulation properties of hemp helps ensure protection from temperature extremes, providing an ideal growing environment for a tree seedling.  Hemp is a natural, renewable and fully biodegradable resource that will break down in 3-4 years.  It then fully biodegrades back into the soil, releasing important nutrients for providing a boost in plant growth.  They come with staples to hold the weed mat tight to the ground. Our standard size is 18"x18".  Contact us for custom size squares or full rolls.

18" x 18" Biodegradable Weed Mat - Qty 50

SKU: Hempmat-50
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