Food Plot Seed

Premium 4 Leaf Clover is a unique mixture of Clover and Alfalfa making it an ideal food plot for summer and fall.  This is a perennial mix performing for 3-5 years with proper management including mowing, fertilization, and weed control.  Cut 2-3 times per year for optimal performance, weed control and nutritional value unless being kept under 10" by grazing.

Fat Rack Addiction is a unique mixture of Brassicas and is an ideal food plot for the fall and winter. After the first frost the plants go from bitter to sweet which the deer absolutely love.  Deer will graze the tops throughout the year, then dig the bulbs once it freezes providing excellent nutrition for deer and great for your soil.  The bulbs are huge with high protein, yield and digestibility.

Custom Mixes - We have a large variety of food plot seed available. We can custom mix your favorite combination of food plot seed.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

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